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Achievements and Rewards

Fabulous Field Lane stickers

Every child in school has a Fabulous Field Lane award card which is completed during lessons and the school day. Fabulous Field Lane stickers and stamps can be awarded by any member of staff for effort and academic progress as well as recognising helpfulness, thoughtful acts and positive contributions to school. Children receive certificates in Praise assemblies on Fridays when they reach 50, 100, 150 and 200 stickers/stamps.

Fabulous Field Lane certificates

Fabulous Field Lane certificates are awarded on a weekly basis by each class teacher. These are presented to pupils in our weekly family praise assemblies on Friday afternoons. Parents are notified by text on Thursday afternoons if their child is receiving an award.

Class Star Awards

One star award per class is given out weekly be each class teacher and presented to pupils in Praise assemblies on Friday afternoon. Parents are notified by text message on Thursday afternoon if their child is receiving an award.

Book worms

We encourage our children to read regularly to foster a love of books and reading. Our three book worm badges are very popular with pupils and are given when pupils have read a specific number of books. Once a child has been awarded all three book worm badges they can then be awarded a number of medals and eventually a book worm trophy for their reading. These awards are all presented in our Friday Praise assemblies.

Pen Licenses

We have a strong focus on handwriting and encourage pupils to present all their work to a high standard. Pupils are awarded a pen license by their class teacher once their cursive writing is of consistently high standard. Pupils can then use a school handwriting pen to complete all their written work. Pen licenses are awarded in Praise assemblies.

Termly Awards

Field Lane Wise Owl Award

These are presented to pupils who are working hard and making progress in reading, writing and maths.

Citizen Awards

These awards are given to pupils for their positive contributions to school life and consistently demonstrating values including respect, empathy and kindness.

Head Teacher Certificates

These are given to pupils for consistently demonstrating positive attitudes to school, learning and working hard in all curriculum areas.

At the end of every school year we recognise the achievements of pupils in a wide range of curriculum areas and present a number of awards and trophies. We also present our helping hands awards to pupils for their positive contributions to our school community. A range of additional awards are given at times during the year often in response to a specific event or to recognise a pupil’s outstanding achievement.